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What Makes Neon Lights Perfect For Decor?


What Are Neon Lights?

These are the lights you typically see on billboards, signage, advertisements, and pop art. In traditional neon lighting, neon gas is trapped in a glass tube under low pressure. When electricity passes through, the glass produces bright, colourful sparks of light. Unlike the light in fluorescent tubes, neon lights are not continuous but pulsing. Many say this adds to the charm of neon.

There"s something gritty about neon lights. Directors like Ridley Scott ("Blade Runner") and Gaspar Noe ("Enter the Void") use neon generously to the viewer"s joy. Maybe it"s the association with eighties" neon lettering that brings some of us joy.

But that"s not all. For those of us who weren"t around in the eighties or don"t care enough about it, neon can still be thrilling and magical. There"s something elusive and beautiful about bursts of colours in electric shades.

What Makes Neon Lights Better Than Other Decorative Lights?

Chandeliers and LED neon signs have their place. But if you"re still not convinced neon lights are special, let"s take a closer look.

You can get custom neon lights and neon signs made these days in the shape of any text or shape. You have a rainbow and more colours to choose from. Ice blue or light blue, warm white or just white, hot pink or just pink…whatever colour you fancy can be up on your bedroom wall in inspiring letters. Plus, thanks to modern tech, these lights come with dimmers.

If you prefer a mirrored backing instead of just letters, you can get that too. You can get a fancy sign customised for your home bar. You can also get little mini signs to hang around your house or workplace.

You can also get neon signs custom-made for outdoor use. An outdoor sign is great for when you"re hosting an event in your yard or simply want to let your neighbours know that you love a little joke. An outdoor neon sign will raise the cool quotient of your house.

The Bottom Line

Neon lights and neon signs make bright decor pieces. They are full of character, and you can give them your favourite shape. Neon is fun and cheerful or romantic, depending on the colours you choose. And with modern LED neon sign, you get an efficient, inexpensive, unbreakable piece of uniqueness to bring home.

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