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Wedding first dance tution.

As you take those special first steps into your life together, a helping hand to make them go with a swing.....or a waltz, or whatever you choose!

You only get one chance of a first dance, why not make it special. We will help create a first dance you can remember forever in years to come.

Our Hen parties, for any age and any Hen. We have any theme on offer and can cater from napkins and cake to a simple and fun dance routine.

Father of the Bride and Groom speech training and preparation for any anxious Parents and Grooms to be.


Your first dance at your wedding will possibly be the first time you have ever danced in a room, where all eyes are on you. Maybe you will cherish it, or maybe the very thought of it leaves you feeling nervous? Our packages are aimed with those thoughts in mind.

Package 1. A few simple steps learned in a 1 hour session. Ideal for couples who have never danced together and would just like to be shown the basics to feel comfortable when they will be dancing in front of their wedding guests.

Package 2. 2 hours

To Have & to Hold", offer 3 packages for tuition in the comfort of your own home, or venue of your choice.

similar to above, but working with you to create something more personal, or just perfecting the steps learned for the entire

ty of your chosen song.

Package 3. 5 hours of dance lessons, divided however you choose and spread over more than one visit. Ideal for more adventurous couples wishing to add a "wow factor" as well as novice dancers, who would just like to practice their moves with guidance.

To Have and To Hold provide first dance lessons throughout Hampshire, either in your own home or at a venue of your choice. Three packages are available depending on the level of proficiency you want to reach. Louisa-Jane is a qualified dance teacher and runs several dance schools in her local area. She also provides other wedding-related services. Her contact details can be found at the foot of each page along with an enquiry form. reviewer
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