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Wedding Photographer Bristol

Wedding Photographer Bristol

Hi, I'm Albert and I love photographing weddings. I've photographed hundreds of weddings over the last few years and there's nothing I enjoy more.

One thing I've learned is that every wedding is different and unique. We all have different experiences and react in different ways. Whether it's laughter, nerves, excitement or tears it's my job to tell your story. I don't only capture the important bits like the first kiss or the speeches. But also the small things that might go unnoticed. Bridesmaids doing shots before the ceremony or mums sharing a joke. These often tend to be the best memories.

Bristol-based photographer working throughout the UK and abroad. The Info page leads to Reviews from satisfied clients, and FAQs which cover what happens on the day and answers questions concerning the photos themselves. Pricing gives the cost of all-day coverage and details of what is included and what items are extras. Contact has Albert's address, phone no., e-mail address and a Contact form. reviewer
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