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31 March 2014

Tattoos and Weddings

The fashion for tattoos shows no sign of declining at present, among both men and women. However, when it comes to the wedding day, it is easier for the groom to hide his inkwork as he is likely to be wearing a jacket for the formal part of the day at least - it isn't quite easy for the bride.

Personally I don't like to see brides wearing a traditional wedding dress while displaying tattooed arms - it just spoils the effect. However, many brides are proud of their tattoos and wouldn't consider hiding them.

Would you want to go to the trouble of having your tattoo removed for your wedding day? Some people might wish that they hadn't had it done in the first place, while for others it may hold a special memory which they want to keep for ever.

There are various ways of removing tattoos, but they often require repeated treatment over a long period of time. If your wedding is a month away and you haven't done anything about it yet, then you are likely to be too late. Never fear though as there is an alternative.

The main methods of tattoo removal are laser or chemical. The use of lasers for cosmetic purposes was deregulated in England by the government in 2010, which means anyone can use them. There has never been regulation in Scotland while in Wales and Northern Ireland laser operators must register with a healthcare authority.

Deregulation has led to a boom in the industry, with many high street beauticians and tattoo studios now offering a laser removal service. If you opt for laser treatment you must ensure that you are attending a reputable company, and bear in mind that it certainly won't come cheap and will involve a number of visits. Do your research first.

One of the chemical treatments available in the UK utilises a specially designed inorganic chemical remover developed in California, which is applied in the same way as the original tattoo. This treatment draws the tattoo pigment out of the skin, removing the unwanted tattoo. It should, however, only be applied by an experienced tattoo or micropigmentation artist, and isn't suitable for home use. A body tattoo can be removed in around three to four treatments on average, though this may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the condition of your tattoo. Treatments are carried out every 8 - 12 weeks, and work on all tattoo colours and on both professionally applied and most home made tattoos.

The easiest and cheapest way of keeping your tattoos out of the wedding photos is to use a cosmetic camouflage kit, which will cover your inkwork and blend in with your skin tone. There are several of these available which will cover your tattoos for the day, and which can be used to cover other skin problems. It would be worth your while to try one of these before the big day to make sure it works, and to find the best way of applying it.

I hope you have a very happy wedding day whether or not it includes tattoos.
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