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My Wedding Anniversary was created for a very personal need in that it's sometimes difficult to come up with new ideas for gifts and celebrations for wedding anniversaries.

Just when you've gone through all of the effort to plan an anniversary, it's all over very soon and the next one soon comes round again.

For this reason the website offers a free Anniversary Reminder Service which emails subscribers a month before their anniversaries to give them some time to plan and arrange the special day. The email reminders also include ideas for gifts, ranging from low cost to luxury and also ideas for things to do on the special day.

On the website there is advice from the 1st anniversary to the 90th with each year giving ideas for gifts and things to do on the day.

The blog on the website is populated with fun and interesting blog posts that are designed to give more ideas and things to do and more importantly, things not to do and gifts not to give your loved one on your anniversary.

Website giving guidance and suggestions for wedding anniversary gifts. It offers a free reminder service which many people would find useful along with ideas for Valentines Day and Christmas. The Contact Us page has an e-mail contact form. reviewer
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