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Country classic weddings

Our aim is to provide a country classic experience, showcasing the beauty of old fashioned ways with our two beautiful white horses and traditional carriages decorated lovingly in flowers.

We would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements and book your day so please don't hesitate to contact us!

A horse and carriage for your wedding day?

An unusual choice, some might say

Horsepower is from an era long ago

Better to stick to the motor car you know.

But wait a minute just think of the sight,

Two powerful white horses, carriage gleaming in the light,

Who take such great pride in pulling their cart

And know that their job is to look pristine and smart.

What a head turner for your big day,

And such a romantic way to travel, some might say,

Whilst a motor car may come sparkling and new,

It can"t give you a nudge and a whinny too.

West Sussex based hirer of horse and carriage for weddings. The Our Services section has details of the choices on offer for weddings and information on how to book and the deposit required. The Prices page gives clear costs for the services available, while Contact Us phone and e-mail details and an e-mail enquiry form. reviewer
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