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Eco-friendly Pick & Mix Wedding Favours


Wedding favours are often left on the table at the end of the meal, which is such a shame! We can guarantee that won't be the case with these wedding favour boxes, full to the brim with deliciously fresh pick & mix.

We only stock well known, popular sweets from reputable, established brands so they'll taste exactly as you remember! It's a wonderful thing watching how excited your adult guests become at the sight of sweet nostalgia.

Not only do these cute little packages look and taste great, they're also 100% eco-friendly and reasonably priced. We hate that everything soars in price as soon as you mention the word 'wedding', so you can trust that we'll offer a fair price, regardless of quantity.

You can provide your own wedding artwork for the sticker design, or we can add your names and special date to one of our designs. There are alternatives to the box shape if you'd like to use different containers, and we can add ribbon etc at your request.

These are the perfect favours for your wedding party, because love is so sweet!

A West London-based business supplying pick and mix sweets nationwide via Royal Mail, all in eco-friendly packaging. You can pick from one of the standard selections or can choose your own mixture, and there is also the option of a vegan bag. The sweets can also be supplied boxed as wedding favours. Information such as FAQs and Contact details can be found at the foot of each page. reviewer
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