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Duncan Mein Photography


Hi. I'm Duncan, a Wedding Photographer in Bristol and Somerset cover weddings across the whole of the UK or abroad.

I discovered photography about 5 years ago and quickly found it to be the creative outlet I had always sought. I originally came from an IT / software development background and one of the things that attracted me to photography was the blend of technical and creative elements. I still love learning about new cameras and other accessories and discovering the wonders of Photoshop.

I am completely self-taught. I think of this as rather a blessing than a curse as I don't even know about all the rules I am probably breaking. When it comes to taking pictures, I am only concerned with whether it makes a beautiful image and not whether it is "technically perfect". Most of all, I love capturing people at their happiest and weddings are the perfect occasions for this.

My style is very documentary based - taking natural shots of the day as they happen. I tend not to favour the more formal, staged photographs, but I know that they are still needed, so am always happy to take a few shots for friends and family to treasure. Although I mainly work in digital format, I also shoot film (both 35mm and Medium Format) as it has a certain ethereal quality, which I love. And I still get that slightly excited feeling when the scans come back from the lab and I get to see the images for the first time. For me, the not-so-instant aspect of film enhances the shooting process and the end result.

Away from photography, I am happily married to the lovely Marie. We got married at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds on the most beautiful day in February. (I think having been through the wedding process is a huge benefit, as I understand the moments that are most important to you and also the enormous amount of work and love that has gone into all the preparation. I make sure that I capture all of this so your big day is remembered perfectly.) I also enjoy cycling , skiing, wine and travel - which gives me further opportunity to indulge in taking gorgeous photos.

Thanks for taking time to find out a little bit more about me and I would love to hear from you if you think my style is what you're looking for.

Bristol-based wedding and portrait photographer who is happy to work throughout the UK and abroad. The Pricing tab leads to details of the two packages available, while Portfolio lets you see examples of Duncan's work. Contact leads to an online form to get in touch with him. reviewer
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