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Andrew George Photography - Cornwall wedding Photographer

Hello, I"m Andrew, a documentary-style wedding photographer based in Cornwall and I have been creating wedding images for 7 years.


Telling the story of your day, capturing authentic moments of pure emotion and joy which are at the heart of your wedding.

Working in a professional, and unobtrusive way to produce beautiful, candid photos of special moments. The images are personal and real, the story is yours.

Putting people at ease in front of the camera, never asking anyone to pose but instead photographing your day organically as it unfolds.

Making sure that your celebration is at the centre from the very beginning right through to receiving your beautiful images,.
If that"s your vision, you should know that it"s mine, too. It"s my passion and my profession to tell truly unique stories.

If thatís your vision, you should know that itís mine, too. Itís my passion and my profession to tell truly unique stories.

My photography is completely tailored to you. This is your day and Iím here to tell the story of your wedding day. So letís tell your story together!

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A wedding photographer with seven years experience, based in Falmouth and working mainly in Cornwall and Devon but will travel abroad if required. There is a lot of information on the Home page, including reviews and examples of his work, while Meet Andrew tells of his interests and family. Galleries has more examples of Andrew's photography, and Investment has details of the process and the starting cost. Contact has an enquiry form to start things off. reviewer
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