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25 October 2011

Public Speaking Tips for the Best Man

Most people wouldn't think of standing up in front of a large group of people and making a speech, but this is the fate that befalls you when you are appointed Best Man. However, with a little preparation, you can makes things easier for yourself - and for your audience. Some of the tips I have listed cover advance preparation while others relate to delivery of the speech.


1) Don't leave the preparation of your speech till the last minute as you will need to allow time to practise if you want to make a good impression. It would be useful to know sections off by heart otherwise you will just be stood there reading your notes with no chance to engage with your audience.

2) Try to tailor your speech to the audience. There is usually a wide range of ages at a wedding reception - you won't just be talking to a group of people your own age.

3) It will be better for you and the guests if you keep your speech brief. Better a good short speech than a long boring one.

4) When you practise your speech, if you find phrases or words that are hard to pronounce, think about changing them.

5) A best man's speech is expected to include funny stories about the groom, but try to keep them clean.

Making the Speech

1) At a larger venue you may need to use a microphone, and if you haven't used one before it would be useful to have a trial run.

2) Try not to take full advantage of the drinks on offer before you have made your speech, or it may be amusing for the wrong reason.

3) Try to relax and be yourself - you are among friends.

4) Remember to Vary the tone and the speed of your speech. It might help to keep your audience awake.

5) Look at the guests and try to make eye contact with some of them, so it seems as though you are talking directly to them. This will be difficult if you haven't memorised some of your speech.

If you put the above points into action, as well as carrying out one of your Best Man's duties successfully, you may find that you have made a good impression and learned a new skill.

Have a successful day.
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